2019-2020 TEAMS

Tiny Novice- Firecrackers

The Firecrackers are our youngest team. They range in ages 3 to 5.  Practice is held once a week for one hour.  This team will attend between 3 and 5 competitions.

JUNIOR - Xplosion

Ages 5 to 14 years. Practice will consist of the training to be successful at a minimum of Level 1.  This team practices 5 hours/ week.

SENIOR - Showstoppers

Ages 11 to 18 years, senior team members will be working at improving their current level with a goal of competing at the highest level possible for the group as a whole. Seniors will practice for 5 hours /week.

All squads will compete a regular season of 5 to 8 competitions with bids to qualified (National) championships extra.


All competitions are required.

21532 G National PIke

Boonsboro, MD